Garden Water Elements: Installation Guidelines

A water source and an electrical outlet are two crucial items that many people do not take into account when determining where they want to setup their garden fountain. The practical side of setting one up is often overlooked because people get so focused on the beauty of it. If you require an extension cord to reach a 120v wall socket, feel free to use one, as standard power cords are only 12 feet long. ft_196__04593.jpg A convenient place to get water is vital since you will need to fill your fountain. Carrying large quantities of water requires strength so you do not want to have to carry it a long distance. The simplest way to fill the fountain is with a nearby hose. A water fountain autofill is yet another option, but will demand the help of an expert who knows how to set it up since the water has to go through an external line.

Water Fountains: The Minoan Civilization

On the Greek island of Crete, excavations have discovered conduits of different types. In conjunction with delivering water, they dispersed water that accumulated from deluges or waste. They were commonly constructed from terracotta or rock. Terracotta was used for waterways and water pipes, both rectangular and circular.

These consisted of cone-like and U-shaped clay conduits that were unique to the Minoans. The water provision at Knossos Palace was handled with a system of clay pipes which was located under the floor, at depths ranging from a few centimeters to many meters. The pipes also had other uses including gathering water and channeling it to a main location for storing. To make this feasible, the pipes had to be fashioned to handle: Underground Water Transportation: This particular system’s invisible nature may suggest that it was primarily planned for some kind of ritual or to distribute water to restricted communities. Quality Water Transportation: There’s also proof that suggests the pipelines being utilized to supply water features independently from the domestic process.

Putting in a Fountain Can Be Great for Business

Most customers consider water fountains are a great addition to a business. Increasing traffic flow and differentiating yourself from the competitors are just some of the advantages of having a water fountain in your place of work. Such businesses as yoga studios, bookstores, coffee shops, and salons can financially benefit from installing a water feature nearby. For businesses where people like to mingle outdoors, a water fountain can provide a chilled environment. Couples out on a romantic date will definitely appreciate a charming fountain in any bar or restaurant.

The Influence of the Norman Invasion on Anglo-Saxon Garden Design

Anglo-Saxons felt incredible changes to their daily lives in the latter half of the eleventh century due to the accession of the Normans. The Normans were much better than the Anglo-Saxons at architecture and horticulture when they came into power. But before concentrating on home-life or having the occasion to think about domestic architecture or decoration, the Normans had to subjugate an entire population. Most often constructed upon windy summits, castles were basic constructs that permitted their inhabitants to spend time and space to offensive and defensive programs, while monasteries were rambling stone buildings generally added in only the most fecund, extensive valleys. The barren fortresses did not provide for the peaceful avocation of farming. Berkeley Castle, perhaps the most pristine style of the early Anglo-Norman style of architecture, still exists in the present day. It is said that the keep was developed during William the Conqueror's time. An enormous terrace encompasses the building, serving as an obstruction to attackers trying to dig under the castle walls. A scenic bowling green, covered in grass and surrounded by battlements clipped out of an ancient yew hedge, forms one of the terraces.

Admire the Unique Design of the Cascade Water Fountain at Chatsworth Garden

The Cascade garden fountain forms a dazzling main feature to the landscape and sits at the back of Chatsworth House. For 200 yards alongside the residence is a series of twenty-four irregularly spaced stone steps stretching all the way down the hillside. The Cascade, also entirely gravity fed, is founded on a 17th century French design. Created for the initial Duke of Devonshire in 1696, this water fountain has remained the same ever since. The Cascade House rests at the top of the fountain where water flows downward. The residence, embellished on the exterior with underwater creatures in bas-relief, is a small construction. Water pressure to the Cascade can be boosted on important occasions, meaning the Cascade House becomes part of the Cascade pageant, as liquid runs through conduits on its roof and from the jaws of its carved marine creatures, prior to proceeding straight down the Cascade. The sound of the water plunging varies as it falls down the Cascades mainly because of the minor difference in the size of each step thereby creating a great and calming complement to a walk through the gardens. Back in 2004, Chatsworth's Cascade was chosen by historians at Country Life as the best water feature in England.

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